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Report an absence

If your child will be arriving to school late, leaving school early or if they are absent for a half day, please call the Attendance line or email the Attendance Office.

Call the 24 hour Attendance Line at (952) 226-8601
Email Attendance:
*Please call or email at least 60 minutes prior.

The PLHS Attendance Form is for ALL DAY ABSENCES ONLY.
PLHS Attendance Form

Students do not sign themselves out of the building. They must get their pass prior to the start of the class period they are leaving. Then they will show their pass at the front door.

Students who miss all or parts of a school day due to a dental, medical or other appointments must provide written note from the dental/medical office where they received treatment.

Absences Due to Family Vacations for 3 or more days: Please complete the Extended Excused Absence form. It must be signed by each of the student's teachers and their parent(s). This form can be printed or picked up in the attendance office.

Juniors are given one college day and Seniors are given two. They are excused absences, but they do count towards the student’s total missed attendance days per quarter. Verification of attendance at a post-secondary school is required upon the return of the student to PLHS.