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Foundations of Business Pathway

The Minnesota Center for Advanced Professional Studies (MNCAPS) Business pathway allows students to engage in a real-world experience in high-demand corporate environments. The MNCAPS Business Pathway will utilize project-based learning and case study methods to introduce general business and marketing concepts with an entrepreneurial focus. Students will learn how to research an industry, observe market trends and develop their own domestic business plan with the intention to take it global. In addition, they will learn skills in project management and strategy by working with outside clients on real world projects in a variety of business processes. Students will spend two-three periods (half a day), both semesters at the MNCAPS location, working on partner-driven projects, solving business problems and experiencing the challenges of project-based work. This pathway requires students to apply these concepts to designing, implementing and reporting on a business research project and will be evaluated by both the teachers and the clients for whom they conduct the project.

Sample Projects

  1. General Mills: Develop an overview of how Generation Z consumers approach grocery shopping (online as well as brick and mortar) and to provide recommendations to enhance omni channel strategies for food and non-food brands
  2. Minnesota Mermaid: Research and develop strategies to establish a state affiliated brand.

Course Credit (3 hours)