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Medicine & Healthcare Pathway

The Medicine & Healthcare Pathway allows students the opportunity to engage in a real-world experience in the healthcare environment where they get direct exposure to future employment opportunities in a growing industry. While in the healthcare setting, students will regularly spend time on site visits and rotational clinical experiences with leaders in the health and wellness industries.

Designed together with professionals from the health industry, students will have a firm understanding of the various aspects of health care, including a general view of the many professions available to them as prospective health care employees. Students will spend three periods each day for two semesters at the MNCAPS location, engaging in medical and healthcare related courses.

Sample Projects

Year One
  1. Legacy Project: Work with residents of an assisted living center to collect, organize and transcribe their stories for the residents and their families to enjoy and preserve.
  2. Education Project: Create and interactive lesson related to healthcare or making healthy choices and present it to an elementary class.
Year two
  1. CNA Certification: Learn the skills and knowledge required to pass the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) exam.
  2. Create a personal, five-day diet plan to enhance athletic performance

Healthcare Year 1 (3 Hours)

Healthcare Year 2 (2 Hours)