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Registration and Enrollment

2024-2025 Registration Presentations & Materials

Four-Year Planning

It is important to have a plan of what you want your four years to look like. Check out this planner to get started! 
There are lots of resources on our Post-Secondary page for thinking about life after high school and taking advantage of the resources at PLHS.

Academics & Careers at PLHS          NCAA & PLHS Course Planning



After an enrollment is completed with the District Services Center, The Counseling Department will be notified when the enrollment process has been completed and will be in contact with next steps, as soon as possible. Students who enroll over the summer will hear from a counselor by early August.

Current HOMS/TOMS students do not need to enroll/reapply for Open Enrollment with the District Service Center.



Quarter Electives
There are only TWO opportunities each year to request a schedule change for electives.

  • August (initial schedule release)

  • January (before 3rd quarter)

    • Elective schedule change requests outside of these two opportunities will not be considered.

    • Students will be notified when the schedule change window will be open before each semester.

Yearlong Courses

  • Level change requests (ex: honors to general) will be accepted before quarters 1, 2, and 3.

The schedule change request form will be posted on Schoology at the end of each quarter. With nearly 3,000 students in our building, we cannot accommodate teacher requests while maintaining the integrity of the master schedule.

*If a student or parent has specific and current concerns about a particular teacher*

  • The teacher should be contacted directly by the student and/or parent, the concerns should be discussed and a mutually agreed upon resolution should be attempted.

  • If a resolution cannot be reached, or the problem continues, the student’s assistant principal should be contacted.

  • If the AP is unable to facilitate a resolution, or the problem continues, the issue will be referred to the principal.

Counselors are always available to support and advocate for our students if an issue arises, but counselors do not supervise teachers. We always will encourage students and parents to communicate directly with the teacher before reaching out to an assistant principal and counselor.