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Social/Emotional Health Support

There are many different resources for social and emotional support at Prior Lake High School and in the PLSAS community at large. Below are a few of the options which can also serve as great starting points to receive more intensive services.

PLHS School Counselors

The role of school counselors is to provide support for students in the areas of academics, social and emotional issues. Students are welcome to drop in or schedule appointments with counselors to talk about issues regarding school, friends, family, or other stressors that may be occurring. Services can include helping with calming techniques, navigating academic stressors, facilitating peer meditations, and discussing ways to develop healthy coping skills. School Counselors are meant to serve as a support role during the time at school, but not intended for long-term care or weekly appointments. Counselors are also available to coordinate services at school for students who are struggling and need documented accommodations, coordinated services, or appropriate outside referrals.

  • Counselors have an open door policy for students. However, scheduling an appointment is encouraged if you have more than a quick question. Send us an email or Schoology message to schedule!
    • Your confidentiality is very important to us. Everything discussed in our counseling office is protected, with the following exceptions, as required by law and/or ethical standards:
      • Harm to self or others
      • Court or other legal proceedings
      • Abuse or neglect
  • Parents/guardians are required to schedule an appointment with their student’s counselor before arriving at PLHS. Please email or call to schedule.

PLHS Social Workers

PLHS has two Social Workers who support students who have higher level social and/or emotional needs. Social Workers spend most of their time helping students in Special Education who have documented IEP goals around social and emotional learning. They are also available to general education students who may need an additional layer of support. Appointments can be made on a drop in basis, via email/phone or in the Counseling Office.


PLHS Social Workers

Nancy VanHorne | A- L
(952) 226-8851

Maren Meade-Anderson | M - Z
(952) 461-9714

Chemical Health Specialist

PLHS has a Chemical Health Specialist who helps students who have developed a chemical health dependency or know someone in their life who has an addiction and needs support coping. One on one services help support students with healthy decision making and education around the impacts of drugs and alcohol on their life. A Chemical Health Support Group has also met to help students discuss in a small, confidential, group setting. The Chemical Health Specialist’s hours can be found on her office door or appointments can be scheduled via email or the Counseling Office.

PLHS Chemical Health Specialist

Katie Ward
(952) 226-8786

Bullying Policy

ISD 719 is committed to fostering and maintaining a safe and civil educational environment in which all members of the school community are treated with dignity and respect. The school district prohibits bullying, harassment, and any other attempts to victimize others.

PLSAS Bullying Prohibition

In the event of an emergency, there are numerous locations for evaluations in the Prior Lake-Savage Community and beyond.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Hours: Available 24 hours
Languages: English, Spanish

Prairie Care Mental Health Screening
(952) 826-8475

Scott County Mental Health
Can schedule a crisis appointment: (651) 777-5222

Scott County Mental Health Center
200 Fourth Ave. West
Shakopee, MN 55379
(952) 445-7751